Useful information

The purpose of this Hub is to create a first link between ASF and companies developing new business models, applications, processes or products that have a direct effect on the provision of financial services and facilitate interaction with the Authority.

FinTech Hub is intended for the following categories of companies:

  • Companies that wish to start their activity on the financial markets under the supervision of ASF and which have an innovative product or service based on modern information technology (IT);
  • Entities regulated by ASF that intend to implement an innovative product or service based on modern information technology (IT).

FinTech Hub is a project developed by ASF meant to encourage and support regulated entities or other categories of companies or individuals interested in developing innovative financial products and services on non-banking financial markets.

Through FinTech Hub, we make available to entities that intend to propose or offer non-banking financial products or services considered, according to generally accepted criteria, as belonging to financial innovation, the following:

  1. a single point of contact on the ASF level through  and a team dedicated to this project whose experience covers the markets supervised by ASF;
  2. support for identifying the law applicable to the entities / companies / individuals incident to the proposed FinTech product;
  3. guidance on the authority's expectations regarding the aspects related to the supervision of the activity carried out starting from the business model / product or the innovative financial service offered;
  4. information on the process of obtaining the authorization to carry out a certain type of activity, the necessary documents and other actions needed, if the regulatory framework implies this requirement for the development / implementation of financial innovation;

      5. a platform for the development of insurance projects, InsurTech Hub whose activity is coordinated with InsurTech TaskForce, set up on the EIOPA level and a site dedicated to this platform: 

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