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    Press Release: ASF celebrates Children's Day with outdoor financial education activities

Press Release: ASF celebrates Children's Day with outdoor financial education activities


Bucharest, 31 May 2022 - The Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) joins Itsy Bitsy radio station's 1uniFEST project and will celebrate Children's Day on 1 June in Bucharest's Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park (formerly IOR) through outdoor financial education activities.

A.S.F. lecturers, present in the park, will hold several workshops for children during the day, based on non-formal learning techniques, specially designed for each age group. Preschoolers and primary school students, who will be present at the financial education tent, located in the entrance area next to the statue of the ruler A.I. Cuza, will be able to listen to stories with FinPitic and learn financial notions and terms through drawing and games. Children will also be able to "enter" a virtual escape room on financial topics, a unique and fun competition. The Little Financial Detective is another educational game, where the little ones are encouraged to discover as many "financial" clues as possible on a specially designed trail in the park, where a trophy will be waiting for them at the end. Throughout the day, children will find surprises and educational games at the financial education tent.

Parents will be able to get information on how to access financial education programmes and educational resources provided by the ASF to help children develop financial literacy skills.

1uniFEST is a marathon festival, organised by Itsy Bitsy, with over 100 workshops, workshops and activities for the whole family - the best-loved childhood games of yesterday and today, lots of competitions and prizes, exhibitions, workshops, music and dance.

More details about the financial education resources and programs provided by the ASF can be found at www.edutime.ro. 



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