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    Decisions adopted by the Board of the Financial Supervisory Authority

Decisions adopted by the Board of the Financial Supervisory Authority

Bucharest, 4 May 2022 – During today's meeting, the Board of the Financial Supervisory Authority (A.S.F.) adopted measures on the functioning of the supervised non-bank financial markets - insurance, capital market and private pensions, as follows:


A)  Regulation

Draft Regulation amending and supplementing the A.S.F. Regulation no. 4/2021 on the control activity carried out by the Financial Supervisory Authority (the draft will be published on www.asfromania for public consultation for 10 days);

Instruction amending Instruction no. 1/2016 on the preparation and submission of the annual financial statement and annual reporting by entities authorised, regulated and supervised by the Financial Supervision Authority - Financial Instruments and Investments Sector (the instruction will be sent for publication to the Official Gazette of Romania).


B)  Authorisation

Approval of the appointment of Ms Secoșan Valerica as a member of the Board of Directors of the Policyholder Guarantee Fund;

Authorisation of Mrs Buduroiu Mirela Lenuța and Mr Pintilie Vlad as Managers of SSIF BT Capital Partners S.A., following the renewal of their mandates;

Approval of the request of OTP Asset Management Romania S.A.I. S.A. for the authorization of the amendments to the documents of the open-ended investment funds: OTP Dinamic, OTP AvantisRO, OTP ComodisRO, OTP Obligațiuni, OTP Expert, OTP Dollar Bond, OTP Euro Bond, OTP Global Mix, OTP Real Estate & Construction and OTP Premium Return;

Approval of the EU prospectus for the increase of the share capital of Transcom S.A. București.


About the Financial Supervisory Authority

The Financial Supervisory Authority is the national authority, established in 2013 by GEO 93/2012 approved by Law 113/2013, for the regulation and supervision of the insurance, private pension and capital markets. The FSA contributes to strengthening the integrated framework for the functioning of the three sectors, which together account for more than 10 million participants. More information can be found at www.asfromania.ro.