Legislație FGA

Primary legislation


Official Gazette Part I

Secondary legislation

Assigned heading

Law no. 213/2015 on Policyholder Guarantee Fund
The Parliament of Romania hereby adopts this law

nr. 550 din 24 iulie 2015


Ø  Insurers


Rule no. 17/2015 on contribution rates owed by insurers to the Policyholder Guarantee Fund

nr. 664 din 01 septembrie 2015


Ø  Insurers

Rule no. 15/2016 on the approval of Accounting Regulations related to annual financial statements applicable to the Guarantee Fund of Insured Persons

nr. 170 din 07 martie 2016

Ø  Normă ASF nr. 15/2018

Monitorul Oficial, Partea I nr. 844 din 04 octombrie 2018


Norm no. 24/2019 on the Policyholders Guarantee Fund

nr. 839 din 16 octombrie 2019


Ø  Insurers


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