Reports market abuse

Anyone who is aware of an actual or potential breach of market abuse law may submit to ASF a report of breaches of the provisions of European and national market abuse law (Legislation).

By providing such information you can help to identify inappropriate behaviors of individuals or companies, as well as to correct the negative consequences that such behavior may have on the capital market.

To this end, the ASF provides you with a mechanism for reporting infringements or potential infringements of applicable market abuse legislation. You can also contact the specialized persons within the ASF for any subsequent communication regarding the reported violation, ensuring protection and / or anonymity, as appropriate.

IMPORTANT! The ASF does not deal with complaints falling within the area of ​​competence of other authorities, this section being exclusively aimed at reporting infringements or potential breaches of applicable market abuse legislation.

If your reporting does not address violations of market abuse legislation, but covers other aspects of the ASF's remit, you will be redirected to the Public Relations Service.






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Receiver - Autoritatea de Supraveghere Financiară, Direcția Emitenți, Monitorizare Tranzacții și Abuz pe piață, Serviciul Investigații și Abuz pe Piața, cu mențiunea: „RAPORTARE ÎNCĂLCARE LEGISLAȚIE ABUZ PE PIAȚĂ”




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You can set up a meeting with the specialized staff of ASF, from Monday to Friday, between 09.00 - 16.00, by calling

0800.825.627 (key 7) or 021.659.64.07