Announcement: Call for applications for selection of insolvency practitioners

The Financial Supervisory Authority ("A.S.F.") invites insolvency practitioners registered in the List of insolvency practitioners approved by the A.S.F, published on the A.S.F website, to submit, no later than 10 April 2023, at 15.00, to the A.S.F.'s General Registry at Splaiul Independenței no. 15, sector 5, Bucharest, in a sealed envelope, an offer for appointment as an insolvency practitioner in the bankruptcy case concerning Euroins România Asigurare-Reasigurare S.A., pending before the Bucharest Court. The offer will be submitted to the A.S.F. in compliance with the conditions laid down in Article 18 of the A.S.F. Procedure for the approval and selection of insolvency practitioners by the A.S.F. attached hereto.
The sealed envelope submitted to the General Registry of the A.S.F. shall be marked with the following: "Documentation for the selection of Insolvency Practitioners", name/name, address/head office and the words "To be unsealed only by the Insolvency Practitioners Analysis and Selection Committee".