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    The highest sum to be paid this year to a consumer using SAL-Fin: over Lei 220,000

The highest sum to be paid this year to a consumer using SAL-Fin: over Lei 220,000

Bucharest, July 5th, 2022 – The Non-Banking Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity (SAL-Fin) completed approximately 1,300 consumer claims during 2021, compared to a total of 807 claims in the previous year.

During the first half of 2022, SAL-Fin settled 288 claims, out of the 630 that were registered.

Thus, of the conciliation cases handled so far, the highest amount obtained by a consumer using the conciliation procedures offered by SAL-Fin was Lei 226,513, representing the difference in compensation and penalties related to the damage file opened with an insurer.

Moreover, in other cases handled by SAL-Fin too, important amounts were received, such as:  Lei 92,460 for the payment of repairs to a damaged car and for its lack of use, as well as Lei 85,618 paid by an insurer under an all-risk insurance (CASCO) policy.

SAL-Fin is the only alternative dispute settlement entity that organizes and manages SAL procedures in the fields where the A.S.F. is competent.

The examination of disputes subject to SAL-Fin is carried out by independent and impartial conciliators registered in the Register of Conciliators. It is made up of individuals with professional training and experience in both non-bank financial markets and alternative dispute resolution.



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