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A new functionality of the authorization portal

Bucharest, 28 October 2021 - The Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) has completed the second stage of the implementation of authorization portal, an online tool that facilitates the authorization process on the non-bank financial market. Thus, the persons and entities that want to submit a file for authorization no longer have to go to the premises of the Authority, and the volume of written documentation will be reduced.


The new functionality of the electronic platform allows the easy collection, processing and analysis of authorization applications, respectively of the operations assimilated to the authorization process. Through the implementation of this project, which is part of the digitalization strategy of ASF, the simplification and efficiency of all authorization activities were pursued.


Authorization portal, which can be accessed at https://autorizari.asfromania.ro, will function, starting with 28 October 2021, as an alternative channel for submitting authorization files.


“This portal comes in support of those who need authorization from the Financial Supervisory Authority, whether we are talking about individuals or legal entities. One of the major objectives of the Authority is the digital transformation, along with the continuous process of modernization and efficiency. This is the only way we can truly come to the aid of our citizens. This new functionality is extremely useful, especially now, in these totally atypical times of pandemic, when physical distance is needed “, said Mr. Nicu Marcu, President of the Financial Supervisory Authority.


The project initiated by ASF was structured in two stages, respectively:

  • Publication and permanent updating of a complete set of information necessary for the online submission of authorization applications and its posting on the official website of ASF;
  • Implementation of an electronic portal for the management of authorization applications based on the nomenclatures, through which will be collected, in electronic format, applications and documents associated with them, with electronic signature.

We remind you that the first stage of this project was completed in August this year.