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    Decisions adopted by the Board of the Financial Supervisory Authority
Decisions adopted by the Board of the Financial Supervisory Authority

Bucharest, 11 August 2021 – During today’s meeting, the Financial Supervisory Authority’s Board (A.S.F.) has approved some measures with regard to the operation of non-banking supervised financial markets – insurance, capital market and private pensions, as follows:


A)  Regulation

The draft regulation amending the A.S.F. Regulation no. 7/2020 on the authorization and operation of alternative investment funds. (the draft will be published on www.asfromania.ro, for public consultation for 10 days);

The draft rule on the activity carried out in Romania by insurers from third countries through branches (the draft will be published on www.asfromania.ro, for public consultation for 10 days);

The ESMA notification regarding the A.S.F. intention to implement the provisions of the ESMA Guide on Article 25 of Directive 2011/61 / EU (ESMA 34-32-701).

B)  Authorization

Approval of the request of STK Financial AFIA S.A. to authorize the change in the organization and operation as a result of the change in the composition of the Board of Directors (appointment of Mr. Gavriletea Marius Dan as a member of the Board of Directors);

Approval of Mr. Gheorghe Naforniță for a new mandate as member of the Board of Directors of Asito Kapital S.A.;

Approval of the appointment of Mrs. Tănase Daniela as director of Asigest Broker de Asigurare-Reasigurare S.A. and the amendment of the Articles of Incorporation accordingly;

Approval of the request of Franklin Templeton International Services S.a.r.l., as manager of Fondul Proprietatea S.A., to endorse the amendment of the documents taken into consideration at the time of registration of Fondul Proprietatea S.A., respectively the Articles of Incorporation;

Approval of Eurobank S.A. as a significant indirect shareholder in Eurolife FFH Asigurări Generale S.A. and Eurolife FFH Asigurări de Viață S.A.

Approval of the amendments to the Articles of Incorporation of Bavaria Broker de Asigurare S.R.L. (transfer of shares, significant new shareholder, shareholder structure);

Approval of the final endorsement of the amendment to the Prospectus of the voluntary pension scheme for the Voluntary Pension Fund Raiffeisen Acumulare managed by S.A.I. Raiffeisen Asset Management S.A.


About the Financial Supervisory Authority

The Financial Supervisory Authority is the national authority, established in 2013 by GEO 93/2012 approved by Law 113/2013, for the regulation and supervision of the insurance markets, private pensions, as well as the capital market. The FSA contributes to strengthening the integrated functioning framework of the three sectors, amounting to over 10 million participants. More information can be found on www.asfromania.ro.



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