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    Press briefing: The capital market development strategy under public consultation

Press briefing: The capital market development strategy under public consultation

Bucharest, October 10th, 2022  - The "National Strategy for Capital Market Development 2022 - 2026", a project carried out by the Financial Supervisory Authority in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as a consultant, has been published in the Decision-making Transparency section of the Ministry of Finance website.

The strategy was based on the "OECD Report on the Romanian Capital Market" which proposed, following an in-depth analysis of the Romanian capital market, a set of recommendations that focus on improving the institutional, legal and regulatory framework, to enhance opportunities for the development of the domestic market.

"The draft brings together principles and regulatory measures to establish a coherent framework for capital market development and facilitate access to finance for all categories of investors. I would like to stress that, to achieve this objective, ASF aims to identify all the instruments and activities that ensure the prerequisites for increasing the attractiveness of the Romanian capital market for investors and issuers", said the President of the Financial Supervisory Authority, Mr. Nicu Marcu.

"In line with OECD recommendations, the Financial Supervisory Authority is continuously working to improve the regulatory framework, with the aim of simplifying market access for both issuers and investors, with due respect for the principles of transparency and investor protection in the capital market. In doing so, ASF wishes to contribute to increasing the liquidity of the capital market by diversifying the financial instruments traded and the operations carried out within it. The Romanian stock exchange must become a significant landmark of the Romanian economy, an important source of financing and a trading platform for the shares of the most important and attractive Romanian companies", said Mr. Nicu Marcu, President of the Authority.

The "National Strategy for Capital Market Development 2022 - 2026" aims to implement targeted improvements to increase the attractiveness of the local market by developing infrastructure and operating parameters. The Strategy also aims to increase the number of active retail investors, as well as to diversify and attract new institutional investors.