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    Press release: A.S.F. present at the regional meeting of financial supervisors

Press release: A.S.F. present at the regional meeting of financial supervisors


Bucharest, 12 June 2023 - The Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) participated at the beginning of June 2023 in the Regulators Days conference in Opatija, Croatia. The event, attended by supervisors from Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, has become a landmark for the development of financial markets in the region.

The topics discussed at the conference covered topical issues such as digital finance and the challenges for regulators, European legislative proposals in the field of crypto-assets, cyber security, simplification of listing legislation, and solutions identified for the development of pension systems at national and European level.

The ASF representatives at the event, Mr. Ovidiu Petru, General Manager of the Financial Instruments and Investments Sector (SIIF) and Mr. Cosmin Păunescu, Head of the Prudential Supervision Service, gave presentations on the strategy of the domestic capital market, the status of the establishment of the Central Counterparty, which will be a reference at the regional level through the services provided, as well as the measures taken by ASF for the development of green finance at national level.

‘It was an important meeting in terms of the level of interconnectedness of the markets in the region. I believe that strengthening cooperation with other supervisory authorities and developing more joint projects can lead both to increased capital flows, with a direct impact on stock market indicators, and to a better implementation of the proportionality principle in European legislation’, said Mr. Ovidiu Petru, General Manager of SIIF.

The representatives of the authorities present agreed that the exchange of supervisory experience and the close cooperation in the negotiations on legislative proposals at the European level can help to exploit existing synergies, increase European visibility and enhance the development of capital markets.