Annual Report on Decision Transparency of the Financial Supervisory Authority - 2021


In accordance with Art. 13 para. (1) of Law no. 52/2003 regarding the decisional transparency in the public administration, with the subsequent modifications and completions, we present below the situation regarding the decisional transparency at the level of the Financial Supervision Authority in 2021

Number of draft normative acts subject to decision-making transparency procedures


Number of draft normative acts in public consultation but not adopted until the end of 2021


Number of normative acts adopted in 2021 *


Total number of recommendations received during the public consultation / public debate


The total number of recommendations included in the draft normative acts


Number of participants in public consultations


Number of public debates organized on draft normative acts


Number of lawsuits against the authority for non-compliance with public consultation procedures in 2021


Self-assessment of the partnership with the citizens and their legally constituted associations

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The number of meetings that were not public and the motivation for restricting access

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