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Decisions adopted by the Council of the Financial Supervisory Authority - 15.05.2020

Bucharest, May 15th , 2020 – During the meeting held today, the Council of the Financial Supervisory Authority (Ro. ASF) has authorized the amendments within the management of SIF Transilvania SA, following the appointment of Mr. Marius Adrian Moldovan and Mr. Răduță-Gib Tony-Cristian as members of the Board of Directors of this company.



About ASF

ASF is the national authority set up in 2013 through OUG 93/2012 approved by Law 113/2013, for the regulation and supervision of insurance markets, private pensions and the capital market. ASF contributes to strengthening the integrated operating framework of the three sectors, which amounts over 10 million participants. More information can be found at www.asfromania.ro.