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Over 13,500 calls solved by the Call Center of A.S.F. in 2019

Bucharest, April 1, 2020 - The Financial Supervisory Authority (A.S.F.) took over and solved, last year, over 13,500 calls received through the Authority's Call-Center.

From the analysis of the incoming calls it has resulted that the consumers' interest regarding the non-banking financial markets and their degree of information are on an upward trend.

Most of the information requested by consumers concerned the insurance-reinsurance sector, about 50%, and the private pensions sector (30%). About 12% of the callers were interested in the financial instruments and investments sector, and about 5% of the consumers asked for information on alternative dispute resolution, the rest being interested in other types of information.

Call Center consultants A.S.F. during the year 2019, they made about 3,000 calls to request clarifications or additional data to the consumers who contacted A.S.F., thus demonstrating a proactive approach in their relationship with them.

Following the opinion poll, conducted by the experts of the Public Relations Service within A.S.F. through the Net Promoter Score - NPS system, which measures the degree of consumer satisfaction regarding the information received from the specialists working in the Call Center, it turned out that 96.3% of the consumers declared themselves satisfied with the information received. The result was calculated by centralizing the answers to the NPS question "Were you satisfied with the information provided, were you helpful?".

In the same context that aims to facilitate the access of consumers to information from the non-banking financial market, 80,764 people have found, in 2019, through the application Find out what pension fund you are !, in an average period of 5 days, the name of the fund privately administered pensions to which he contributes. The application, managed by the Public Relations Service and available on the Authority's website, also offers pension fund managers the possibility to interact with their own participants, facilitating the correct identification and updating of their data, according to the legislation in force.

Also, SAL-Fin (the Alternative Dispute Settlement Entity in the Non-banking Financial Domain), coordinated by the Public Relations Service, received 521 requests for alternative settlement last year, which is more than a doubling of the number of applications compared to the previous year. Of these, 315 disputes were finalized, up 80% from the previous year, when 175 settled disputes were registered.

In order to simplify the interaction of the public with the consultants A.S.F., the consumers can obtain the necessary information at Telverde 0800.825.627, during the whole working hours of the Public Relations Service, which can be found here. They can also submit petitions on the website www.asfromania.ro through the online Portal - Filing Petition / Complaint / Referral.

The protection of the rights and interests of consumers of non-banking financial services is one of the fundamental missions of A.S.F.