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Cooperation protocol between financial supervision authorities from Romania and the Republic of Moldova

Bucharest, the 3rd of July 2018 - The Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) and the National Financial Market Commission (NFMC) of the Republic of Moldova concluded a cooperation protocol in the field of financial education.

The objectives of the Protocol are mainly to create a common institutional framework to improve the financial education of financial market representatives and of consumers of non-banking financial services in the Republic of Moldova. An adequate protection of the rights and interests of the latter is also ensured.

"We will share our experience in financial education to our partners in the Republic of Moldova. In a global financial market, it is very important to have well-informed and educated consumers. Only in this way can we successfully implement development strategies for non-banking financial markets, "said Mr. Leonardo Badea, ASF’s President.

The financial education programs will take place on several levels:

• at the level of the education system (primary, gymnasium, high school and university) by developing programs and projects adapted to each cycle;

• at a general level by providing informative materials (DVDs, leaflets, brochures) to be distributed to the participants in educational activities, as well as by developing an IT platform that will contain data on events and programs of financial education addressed to the population.

"The main purpose of this initiative is to create a financial culture of consumers that contributes to a better understanding of financial concepts and mechanisms. Early education is very important in this area, so we will focus our activities on the education system, "said ASF’s First Vice President, Mr. Ovidiu Wlassopol.

At the same time, the collaboration protocol also requires a study on the level of financial education in the Republic of Moldova, as well as the implementation of some projects to improve the National Strategy for Financial Education.


About ASF

ASF is the national authority set up in 2013 through GEO 93/2012 approved by Law 113/2013 for the regulation and supervision of insurance markets, private pensions and the capital market. ASF contributes to strengthening the integrated operating framework of the three sectors, which sums up over 10 million participants. More information can be found at www.asfromania.ro.