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Decisions adopted by the Financial Supervisory Authority’s Board - 17.04.2018

Bucharest, April 17th, 2018 – During today’s meeting, The Financial Supervisory Authority’s Board (ASF) approved some measures with regard to the operating framework for non-banking financial markets supervised – insurance, capital market and private pensions, among which:

A)          Regulation

Draft Regulation on the evaluation and approval of members of the management structure and of persons holding key positions within the entities controlled by the ASF (the draft will be published on www.asfromania.ro for public consultation for 30 days);

Applying the ESMA Guidelines on the process for the calculation of the indicators to determine the most relevant currencies in which settlement takes place, of the ESMA Guidelines on the process to determine the substantial importance of a CSD for a host Member State; and of the ESMA Guidelines on cooperation between authorities under Articles 17 and 23 of Regulation (EU) No. 909/2014.

B)          Supervision

The result of the periodic inspection carried out at Bancpost S.A. as depositary of the investment funds managed by SAI Globinvest S.A .;

The result of the periodic inspection carried out at Piraeus Bank Romania S.A. as an intermediary credit institution.

C)           Authorization - Licensing

Amendment of the Organization and Operation Regulations of BCR Pensii, Societate de Administrare a Fondurilor de Pensii Private S.A.;

Amendment of the operating license of the SSIF Alpha Finance Romania S.A. as a result of the appointment of Mr. Dobran Emilian as a chairman and member of the Board of Directors of the company.

D)          Miscellaneous

The report on the evolution of the Romanian capital market in 2017;

The ISF Activity Report, Report of the Board of Directors, Balance Sheet and Censor Report for 2017.


About ASF

ASF is the national authority, established in 2013 under GEO 93/2012 approved by Law 113/2013, for the regulation and supervision of insurance, private pensions and capital markets. ASF contributes to consolidating the integrated framework of operation of the three sectors, totaling over 10 million participants.

More information can be found on www.asfromania.ro.