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MTPL policy search

This database allows the possibility to search for MTPLs concluded on the territory of Romania. Also could find out the name of the Insurance Company that issued the policy and also will show the damages associated with the valid policies.

If you do not remember where you insured a vehicle in the past 5 years, you may check this in this database (AIDA). You may also check in what damages were paid under your insurance policy.

MTPL policy search

Damages History

Please check the correctness of data entered in the insurance policies concluded, so that your damage history does not include errors which could result in not benefiting from the correct bonus-malus class at present and in the future. If such errors are found, they may only be corrected by the insurer that issued the insurance policy and entered the data in AIDA database system. All information about policies is managed by the insurance companies, only they can correct the error occurred in AIDA.