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CEDAM Database

The Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) provides a database of the mandatory civil liability insurances (RCA) concluded on the territory of Romania – CEDAM.

In this database, the existence of an RCA policy at a specific date for a vehicle may be verified, the insurance company that issued the policy may be viewed and the damages associated to the valid policies starting from 2008 may be identified.

If you do not remember where you insured a vehicle in the past 5 years, you may check this in CEDAM. You may also check in CEDAM what damages were paid under your insurance policy.

MTPL policy search

Damages History

The query allows the identification of the damages associated to a combination of CNP/CUI – registration plate number/chassis series.

The chassis series is filled in only alternatively with the registration plate number. For a greater accuracy of queries it is advisable to use both search options.

The query only returns the damages associated with the policies concluded starting from 2008.

Please check the correctness of data entered in the insurance policies concluded, so that your damage history does not include errors which could result in not benefiting from the correct bonus-malus class at present and in the future. If such errors are found, they may only be corrected by the insurer that issued the insurance policy and entered the data in CEDAM. The Financial Supervisory Authority is only the administrator of the database; therefore it cannot correct or modify data in CEDAM.